//Did you guys notice that during the “buck buck” scene, Donnie was the only one who didn’t cave under Raph’s weight AND he’s the only one who actually used his shell to push him up

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how protective is raph of his brothers?



[Very. He is the huge brute who acts like a badass and tries not so how any emotions, but he loves his family and would probably die for them. Hell his shell was cracked by Shredder when he tried to save his brothers.

I’d like to think that Raph is the silent protective brother, he analyzes and threatens anyone who dares to step on his brothers, or use them. And that includes Karai.

Summing it all up, Raphael is way too protective. He will always be ]

i like my men tall. and stubborn. and with shoulders wide enough i can set a deck chair out on one of them and enjoy myself a nice long island iced tea. raphael. i’m talking about raphael.

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